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bail bonds torrance ca

The Bail Bonds Process in Torrance, CA


Once the arrestee has been taken to this jail, they will begin the booking process, which is done by an officer. Before anything can be done, the police officer will confiscate any personal belongings that the arrestee has on him or her for safekeeping for the duration of the case. During this process, a police officer will gather some preliminary information such as the defendant’s name, address, and birthday.


The next step in the process is the fingerprinting portion and this is done via the LiveScan machine. This machine uses the defendant’s fingerprints to run them through the department of justice’s database, which will inform the police officer whether the defendant has any outstanding warrants or is wanted anywhere in the country. In order for one of our agents to bail out your loved one, the jailer will need to clear the arrestee for bail, which cannot be done until the jailer has received the results from the fingerprinting process. This could take anywhere from half an hour to a couple of hours depending on how busy the jail is at the time and how much of a criminal history the defendant has.

When you contact one of our agents at Sunrise Bail Bonds Torrance, he or she will call the jail to gather all of the information regarding his or her bail. Once the bail bonds agent has confirmed that the defendant has been cleared for bail, then he or she will begin the jail release process. One of our highly trained agents at Sunrise Bail Bonds Torrance will contact you with a time and place for you two to meet so that you could fill out all of the necessary paperwork to get your loved one out of jail. The paperwork may differ slightly depending on your specific case but it will usually take up to an hour to complete all of the paperwork and to get it ready for the agent to turn it in to the jailer. Once all of the paperwork has been completed, the agent will turn it in to the jailer so that he or she could verify that all of the information is filled out correctly and then the jailer will complete the jail release process. When the bail bond is processed, the defendant will then be released from jail and given his or her belongings before being released to your custody.


One of our agents from Sunrise Bail Bonds Torrance will be there to explain to the defendant about his or her situation and will explain his or her responsibilities. The agent will then hand one of you an official receipt that will contain all of the charges against the defendant as well as his or her appearance date and the where the courthouse is located. The agent will then keep in touch with you or the defendant to make sure that he or she is going to all of his or her assigned court dates. It is vital that the defendant shows up to court on time because if he or she does not, then the court will issue a warrant for his or her arrest.

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