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Torrance Police Department


The Administrative, Patrol, Investigative and Traffic and Emergency Services, and Services Bureaus. The mission of every officer in the department is to preserve the safety and the quality of life of all of the residents of the city of Torrance as well as those cities surrounding it.


The Torrance police department strives to effectively respond to the changing needs of the community and to promote a good standing and respectful relationship between the police officers and the community. The primary concern of the men and women of the Torrance Police Department is to the safety of the neighborhoods throughout the community. Due to the efforts of the police officers employed at the Torrance Police Department, the community has been very supportive of the department’s actions and efforts to get more involved with community issues. This allows the residents to live in a more peaceful environment where they feel safe with the police there rather than to live in fear of what could happen to them or their families.


In order for a police officer to be hired at this department, he or she will have to complete the Police Academy in Los Angeles. This ensures that the deputy has had proper training to deal with any situation that may occur while the officer is on patrol. The police academy also does an amazing job at making sure that every student knows the law like the back of their hand. When they arrive at the police department, the officers will have to undergo some further training to ensure that they are ready to meet the needs of the residents of Torrance. This is all to ensure that the residents of this beautiful city trust their lives with only the best officers in the country.


There are many specialized details that play a critical role in the department’s ability to be effective in keeping the safety of the city. The department consists of: seven officer Crime Scene Investigation units, a Gang Detail, a Canine Detail, Crime Impact Team, Narcotics Team, Parking Enforcement, a Police Motor Squad, and an S.W.A.T. unit. When all of these departments work together and communicate their goals, the people of the city of Torrance can be sure that they are completely safe. Although crime will always be a part of society, the police department can reduce the impact of crime in people’s lives with the help of the community. If you have any questions about anything regarding the police department in Torrance, then feel free to contact your local police department and they will be more than happy to answer your questions. Article by Sunrise Bail Bonds Torrance.

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