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Our bail bonds office in Torrance is located at 2420 Torrance Blvd Suite #8 Torrance, CA 90501and is filled with dedicated, licensed bail agents. Our bail bond agents will make sure that you are released from custody and awaiting trial from the safety of your own home in the hands of your loved ones.


Every agent at the Torrance Office are inspired to serve the great people of the greater Los Angeles County, especially the residents of Torrance, so that everyone gets a fair trial in court. The longer a defendant remains in jail, they risk getting pressured into accepting a plea bargain in order to get out of jail by admitting guilt. Here at Torrance Bail Bonds, we want to make sure that none of our clients feel compelled to accept that terrible deal. Our agents strive to get every one of our clients released from jail so they could tell the court their side of the story.


Our agents accept calls from clients all day and night every day of the week including holidays because we understand that this horrible situation could happen at any time. Our agents are highly trained to handle any situation and will be able to get you or your loved one released from jail as quickly as possible. We provide free bail information for anybody that would like to know the process or if you have any questions about your case. We understand that there are many bail bonds agencies that you could choose from but why risk getting an agency that does not guarantee the training of their staff like we do at Sunrise Bail Bonds. Our brand guarantees your satisfaction and the legal safety of the defendant.


We also provide bail service in the neighboring cities of Torrance such as Gardena, Redondo Beach, Carson and Hawthorne.


Sunrise Bail Bonds

The city of Torrance lies in the Los Angeles County, which means that the Torrance Police Department follows the same guidelines of the Los Angeles County Sherriff's Department regarding the bookand and releasing process.


The defendant will be processed at the Torrance jail, which is located at 3300 Civic Center Dr. Torrance, CA 90501, unless he or she has a serious medical condition, then the defendant will be transferred to the Los Angeles County Jail. Once the defendant has gone through the booking process, he or she will be taken to complete the finger-printing portion, which is to make sure that the defendant does not have any outstanding warrants for the defendant in the state of California. This process is completed with the Live-Scan Machine and the inmate will not be cleared for bail until the jailer receives the results from the finger-printing. However, once the defendant is cleared, one of our agents at Sunrise Bail Bonds Torrance will turn in the necessary paperwork to get your loved one released from jail. This process should only take at most half an hour to get your loved one released to your custody.


The defendant will need to sign the bail application and the agent will hand one of you with an official receipt for your records. This receipt will show the penal codes for the charges that the defendant has been charged with as well as the court name and location where he or she must attend.


Sunrise Bail Bonds requires that all defendant attend their assigned court dates promptly, and one of our agents will continue to follow up with the defendant to make sure that he or she is attending all court dates .................................. Read More



35 YRS

Our team of Agents collectively bring 35 years of experience in the bail bonds industry to our bail bonds agency. Each of our agents are highly trained and we here at Sunrise Bail Bonds carefully hire each agent to ensure our client's satisfaction.


We are always looking to expand our business so that we could reach every jail in Southern California and that means we need to train our agents equally so that the agency could work like a well oiled machine. They are all able to simplify the process so that none of our clients are confused by the bail bond process. We also make sure that our agents have customer service training and experience so they could always be a phone call away for support at any time. You or your loved ones freedom is our top priority and we will do everything in our power to make sure that all of your issues are resolved.


Here at Sunrise Bail Bonds Torrance, it is our policy to approve every bail bond application that is submitted from our clients or other bail bond agencies.


We have improved our system of accepting applications over the years and this has resulted in much more satisfied clients.


Our system is so accepting that we constantly receive applications from other bail bond agencies because they know we could approve the applications that they cannot.


Knowing that, why would waste any time searching for another bail bond agency?


End your search early and call us to get your loved one out of jail as fast as possible. In the time it took you to read all of this, one of our agents could have gotten your loved one out of jail.


In order to get our name around, Sunrise Bail Bonds has always relied on the role of the community so they could spread the word of our excellent services.


Word of mouth is essential for our company to go and we achieve that with our amazing customer service.


We don't rely on advertisement to earn business, we like to do it the old fashion way by providing genuine service.


We try to reach out to the community by showing our presence locally and would not want to have to charge more because of advertisement.


Our methods are genuine and our goal is to provide legal services to all of those that need it. Our agents will guide you to fight your case and will give you any support that you may need.



2420 Torrance Blvd Unit 8 Torrance, CA 90501



(310) 782-7432


Business Hours:

Mon-Sun 12:00 am - 12:00 am

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