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Deadly Shooting In Torrance

Authorities responded to a call about a shooting in an unincorporated area in the city of Torrance. Witnesses said they heard gunshots and a car speeding away. When the police got to the scene of the crime, the suspects were long gone and no one actually witnessed the deadly shooting that took place there. The man was pronounced dead at the scene and investigators say that the man was shot several times. Police do not have much to go on besides the victim’s body, which the coroner will do an extensive autopsy in order to find any clues that may help the police in their search for the vehicle and the suspect or suspects responsible for the death of this man. The police have asked for the help of the public in order to find the people responsible for this horrible act. If you have any information about the shooter or shooters involved in this shooting, then please contact the police immediately so that they could bring the suspect to justice. Without the public’s help, the police are limited to what they could find and conclude through evidence found at the scene. It is essential that the community helps the police by giving them whatever information they may have about a crime.

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